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"Sound strategy starts with having the right goal."
Michael Porter

Multi domain experience

We has worked in multiple domains of Telecom, E-commerce, Wallets, Electronics, IT, Pharma, Education, GPS, Solar, Sports etc that gives us diversified experience of business challenges and market outlook.

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Multi Domain


We cultivate our experience and client vision in structured form, that can be prepared via Presentation and Excel to quantify the business prospects. And the most important part is that we take ownership also to execute it.

We do consulting along with execution

Business partner

We understand the severity of time, market response and financial aspects of business. That’s why our projects are long terms and we work closely with management & team members as a business partner in success/ failure.

We work as a team member


End to End Business Setup

Virtual CMO in Delhi NCR

1. Business Feasibility

Media management

2. Business Strategy & Planning

Product Marketing

3. Identifying Partners & Set up

4. Team Hiring & Management

Content Marketing

5. Go To Market (GTM)

6. Business Expansion

Still Thinking Business ?

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The right way to setup the business is to work with Consultant as you are going to invest your precious time, funds, efforts and your passion and there are high chances that you will be doing short term or long term mistakes. These mistakes or ignorance can impact your business at large level with financial implication, whereas if you are doing small investment in taking expert advise then your business prospects will be much higher along with fruitful returns. The most important part of our working is that we advise + execute also on behalf of company. 

Your worry is genuine but for Business Consultant it’s a daily in/out as he or she interacts with multiple businesses so there is actually no secret. Businesses are happening from decades and in today’s Internet era there is no trade secret. Even though for us TRUST & CONFIDENTIALITY is utmost critical aspect and we can assure it via signing of Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). In maximum of our assignments we are not sharing our client names so trade secret is at top level priority.

Yes all Senior management professional can do the business set up but for that you need to hire 1 senior person for each vertical like Marketing, Financial, Customer Care, Strategy, Operations, IT, Admin etc and in initial days of business set up they will be occupied only for 30% – 40% but company need to pay 100% Salary and junior people will come with limited experience. Second these senior peoples have usually spent their career in specific industry or vertical but Consultant worked with multiple industries in same duration. For an example in last 3 years we have delivered 25+ projects in 11 different domains, so our exposure is very high. The last point we can set up the business at our own or can work closely with existing senior management to drive the business in right direction.

This is very subjective question as it totally depends on scope of work and actual requirement. As per our experience from 3 months to 18 months association is good enough as in this period business setup, process, team hiring, training, go to market, operations, P&L etc activities can be shaped up and became mature to run the business. And once all has became process we can take exit or be there just as an advisor.