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Social Media Paves The Path To Purchase For 71% Of Shoppers

02 Nov’ 2016. It looks as though social media has become a mainstay in the shopping experiences of many shoppers.

As the holiday shopping season draws near, a recent report from Crowdtap revealed the significant influence social media has on the path to purchase of many consumers. According to the study, more than one-third of U.S. adults look to social media as a way to connect with brands when they are considering making a purchase, while they are shopping and even after a purchase has been made.

“As the holiday season approaches, it’s important for brands and retailers to understand consumer needs and behaviors throughout the buying process,” Claudia Page, VP of product and partnerships at Crowdtap, said in a statement. “Our research indicates that shoppers naturally turn to social media as they plan and make purchases. By creating ways for shoppers to share their real experiences on social, brands and retailers promote consumer engagement and build brand loyalty.”

The “Social’s Influence on the Path to Purchase” report, which can be found here, also found that shopping today is more social than ever, with 75 percent of consumers visiting Facebook before shopping to gather recommendations and advice from friends and family.

Crowdtap’s data shows that, when shopping in-store, more than 80 percent of consumers compare prices on other sites and social networks to see if there are online coupons and checkout loyalty programs, all from their mobile devices. More than half of consumers will shop online and in-store from a single retailer, which is why brands must have a consistent experience across channels.



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